Cost of IVF

Nowadays IVF is the most effective way to overcome female and male infertility. The cost of IVF varies in different countries and clinics, but it cannot be low since it is a multi-stage, technologically complex process that requires high qualifications and experience of medical personnel, as well as expensive equipment, laboratory reagents, and medicines.

What is included into the in vitro fertilization cost? 

  1. Compulsory screening – the patients should undergo necessary screening and testing, including consultations of specialists.
  2. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis – couples can choose to perform screening in order to select material without genetic defects.
  3. Medication is an integral part of treatment. If the procedure does not require induction of ovulation or if the stimulation is mild the price will be lower.
  4. Use of donor gametal cells – infertility is often caused by pathologies of egg cells or sperm, in this case use of donor biological material can be required.
  5. Use of different IVF techniques such as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, PICSI, Assisted hatching.
  6. Program – there are several types of IVF, each of them includes different services and this influences the cost of the program.
  7. Quantity of manipulations.

During the procedure, additional costs may arise that are not included in the package of services. Usually, after an initial consultation, the clinic provides an estimated cost. Depending on the medical center, the average infertility treatment cost in the basic program is 10,000.0 -15,000.0 USD. Repeated cycle - up to 7,000.0 USD.


Стоимость процедуры: 19000 - 32000
Rambam Hospital

Стоимость процедуры: 16000 - 20000
Reproductive Science Center

USA, San Francisco

Стоимость процедуры: 14000 - 19000
New York Fertility Institute

USA, New York

Стоимость процедуры: 12730
Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center

UAE, Dubai

Стоимость процедуры: 12500
Reproductive Medicine Associates

USA, Florida

Стоимость процедуры: 12400
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