Audronė Usonienė

Audronė Usonienė
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Gynecologist, Infertility specialist, Obstetrician, Reproductologist, Endocrinologist, Endoscopist в Vaisingumo klinika
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Main areas of work

  • infertility;
  • endoscopic surgery;
  • gynecological endocrinology;
  • reproductive medicine.


1984 Graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine. There is a top class obstetrician-gynecologist.

Trained in Munich, Moscow, Prague, London, Cambridge, where she mastered infertility treatment and assisted reproduction techniques. 2003 Internship at Assisted Reproductive Technology at Bourn Hall (Cambridge, United Kingdom). 

Participated in international scientific conferences and congresses in the fields of gynecological endocrinology, reproductive medicine, ultrasound diagnostics and endoscopic surgery in various European Union and other countries (USA, PAR, Italy, Spain, Moscow).