Dov Feldberg

Dov Feldberg
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Gynecologist, Obstetrician, IVF specialist в Herzliya Medical Center
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  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Male and female infertility treatment
  • IVF, including all the latest developments and advancements in the field:
  • Professor Feldberg has vast experience in IVF procedures using the IMSI technique in cases of male infertility. For many years he has been working closely with prof. Bartov (the mind behind the method) making him the best expert in the field worldwide.
  • Professor Feldberg has traveled around the world passing on his knowledge and helping other clinics perfect their expertise in the field of IVF. Professor Feldberg has tight connections to infertility centers in USA, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan and more.

Clinical Experience

  • In 1985, after completing his residency and a fellowship abroad, professor Feldberg was appointed head of the IVF unit at Rabin Medical Center
  • In 2001 professor Feldberg was appointed deputy chief of the Helen Shneider women’s hospital at the Rabin Medical Complex
  • Private practice as a leading IVF specialist at the Herzliya Medical Center


  • Graduated from the Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem
  • Completed residency in OB/GYN at the Rabin medical center
  • Completed a fellowship in the field of IVF at the Yale-New Haven University Hospital, USA
  • In 1991 - fellowship in IVF innovations at the Cornell New-York Hospital, Center For Reproductive Medicine, USA
  • Fellowship at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Antoine Béclère Hospital and Paris University XI, National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Clamart, France
  • Fellowship at the Würzburg In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Unit, Erlangen University, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Fellowship and specialization under Prof. W. Feichtinger at the IVF Unit, Vienna, Austria