Gabriele Bilotta

Gabriele Bilotta
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IVF biologist в Alma Res
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University of Siena - Master's degree in Health Biology Master's Degree in Health Biology - Thesis entitled "Identification and quantification of the seminal plasma in the follicular fluid of antioxidants and compounds related to oxidative / nitrosative stress and to energetic metabolism": Prof. Ms. Francesca Ietta University of Rome La Sapienza - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Doctor in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques - Thesis in Bacteriology titled "Epidemiological Analysis of Acinetobacter baumannii XDR: resistance profiles and molecular characterization. Alessandra Giordano IELTS Certification with voter 6.0 - CEFR B2.

The 2016 course has carried out training at the Microbiology Laboratory of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.