Guseyin Sadykov

Guseyin Sadykov
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Andrologist, Urologist в Nova Clinic
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1994 - graduated from Kazakh National Medical University with the specialization in medical business;

1996 - Urology Research Center of Alma-Ata - primary specialization in urology;

2003 - Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Medical Education - operational emergency urology;

2008 - Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education - surgical andrology;

2010 - Urology. Novokuznetsk State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies;

2011 - Moscow Peoples' Friendship University of Russia ( RUDN) - endocrine aspects of andrological diseases;

2013 - Moscow RUDN - endocrine aspects of reproductive health;

2015 - Ultrasound diagnostics. Central Institute for Advanced Studies and Vocational Training;

2016 - Organization of public health. Novokuznetsk State Institute of Advanced Medical Studies;

The certificate of urologist issued 05.03.2015;

Highest category: 03/17/2016;

Dr. Sadykov has more than 23 of working experience.