Hans Krog

Hans Krog
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Gynecologist, Surgeon в Dansk Fertilitetsklinik
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Surgeon, specialist in gynecology 
Email. hans@danfert.dk 

I have been dealing with infertility treatment since 1991, where I have worked at a number of public and private fertility clinics. I primarily deal with patients who are referred by their own physician. My specialty is IVF treatments and patients with previously difficult stimuli. 

From 1993-1996 I completed a successful transport IVF project at Frederiksberg Hospital and then became a permanent specialist at a private IVF clinic in Hellerup. 

In 1999, I was hired as a consultant at Holbæk Hospital with the aim of setting up and running a new public IVF clinic, which was to cover all fertility treatment in West Zealand, Roskilde and Storstrøms Amter. I was Head of Clinic at the Fertility Clinic in Holbæk until October 2005, when I took over the Danish Fertility Clinic after specialist Kim Marky-Nielsen. 

Despite my vast clinical experience, I prioritize continuing education. I attend several courses and congresses every year to keep up to date with the latest treatment methods of infertility.