Heinz Strohmer

Heinz Strohmer
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Born 1964 in Vienna, two daughters (*1996)

Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish

  • After high school and military service, began medical studies at University of Vienna
  • 1990 doctor in general medicine
  • Research assistant and apprentice at the Institute for Sterility Treatment (Univ. Prof. Dr. W. Feichtinger);
  • Realization of the first pregnancy after micromanipulation in IVF via LASER
  • University assistant at the University Hospital, Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wien (Univ. Prof. Dr. P. Husslein)
  • Establishment of the IVF walk-in clinic,
  • Establishment of a special walk-in clinic for advice on multiple pregnancies
  • Consultant in the pharmacological industry (Organon Ltd.)
  • 1998 doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • 1999 habilitated and bestowed with Venia docendi as a university assistant professor for obstetrics and gynecology
    (”The Influence of Different Factors in the Treatment of Infertility with In vitro Fertilization – Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET)”)
  • March 2000 Extraordinary university professor
  • June 2000 founded the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz together with Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Obruca
  • 2003 founded the Austrian IVF Society together with Univ. Prof. Andreas Obruca as a charitable interest representation agency of the Austrian IVF centers.
  • Developed the EDV Software ”EliaMED” for documentation and quality control of fertility treatments, which has been implemented in many national and international IVF Centers.

Numerous publications and lectures on the topics of reproduction and contraception.

Consultant for international medical institutions.

Special areas and research interests

  • Reproductive medicine
  • Dialogue substances (proteins and steroid hormones) used by the ovary, tubes, uterus to communicate with the ovum resp. the embryo.
  • In vitro maturation (maturation of the ova outside of the body, so that the artificial fertilization is made possible without the need for stimulating the patient with hormones)
  • Child-Wish in elderly age, evolution and function of sexuality, obstetrics, multiple pregnancies.