Ibrahim Hammoud

Ibrahim Hammoud
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IVF biologist в Institute Mutualist Monsouri
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Academic background

  • Doctor of Medicine (1994)
  • Master's degree in Biology of Reproduction faculty Paris XI (2001)
  • Inter University Specialization Diploma (D.I.S) in Medical Biology Faculty Paris V (2002)
  • Diploma of Specialized Higher Studies (D.E.S.S) in Biology of Reproduction Faculty Paris V (2004)
  • Master Cell Biology, Physiology and Pathology (BCPP) Specialty: Reproduction and Development Faculty Paris V (2006)

Thesis of Sciences

  • "Gametic quality: Apoptosis, pro and anti-apoptotic factors, chromosome approach" Université Versailles St Quentin en Yvelines (2012)
  • Member of French Language Andrology Society National Federation of Biologists of Laboratories for Fertilization and Egg Conservation Studies French Federation of Reproduction Studies