Luís Abreu de Carvalho

Luís Abreu de Carvalho
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Deputy Chief Physician в UZ Gent
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  • Medicine studies at the University of Lisbon, diploma of physician in 2008
  • Specialization in general surgery at AZ Sint-Lucas (Ghent), AZ Maria Middelares (Ghent) and UZ Gent. Recognition achieved in 2015
  • Additional fellowship in hepatopreative creative surgery in the UZ Lille and the UZ Leuven
  • Qualification as a hepatopreatic creative surgeon at the European Board of Surgery (Geneva, Switzerland) in 2018

Interests and science 

Dr. Luís Filipe Abreu de Carvalho has a special interest in laparoscopic liver and bile duct surgery. 
He was awarded the Young investigator's award at the 16th Belgian Surgical Week in 2015. 
Dr. Luís Filipe Abreu de Carvalho has been a surgeon at the General and Hepatobiliary Surgery department of UZ Gent since 2016.