Osman Ceylan

Osman Ceylan
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Dr. Ceylan was borned in Burdur in 1959. After he graduated from Kozluca elementray school he completed his middle and high school degree at Isparta Gonen Techer High school between 1970-1977. 

He studied Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine between 1977 -1983.

He worked as General Practitioner in Bolu Goynuk Karacalar and Goynuk Center cottage hospital between 1983-1986. 

He completed his Urology residency in Istanbul Taksim Education&Research Hospital between 1986 -1990. 

He completed his military service at Edremit Soldier Hospital as an Urologist between 1990-1992.

He worked as an urologist at Taksim Education&Research Hospital between 1992 - 2010.

He is member of American Urology Foundation, Europe Urology Foundation, Andrology Foundation and Endourology Foundation. 

He has been working at Istanbul IVF and Woman’s Health Center as an Urologist since 2010.