Peter Dzigovsky

Peter Dzigovsky
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Urologist в Invi Med
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A doctor whose urology and andrology have no secrets. He has excellent contacts with patients, which is confirmed not only during individual consultations, but also during the seminar “Men's Issues”, cyclically organized in the Warsaw clinic InviMed. A specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of male infertility. One of the few certified clinical andrologists in Poland. If you are applying for a baby and you already have a sperm test, consult Dr. Dzigowski.


  • 1997 - Faculty of Medicine, College of Medicine, Jagiellonian University
  • 2005 - Assistant at the Urological Clinic of the Warsaw Medical University,
  • 2010 - Specialist in Urology, FEBU (member of the European Council of Urology)