Paul Tseng

Paul Tseng
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Gynecologist, Obstetrician в Virtus Fertility Singapore
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Dr. Zeng is an experienced fertility specialist, obstetrician and gynecologist who is well known for his holistic approach to infertility treatment, recognizing the importance of assisted reproductive technologies in combination with traditional complementary therapies to achieve the best patient outcomes. 

As a Singaporean, Dr. Tseng’s medical career began at the Singapore General Hospital, where he received a bachelor's degree, and then became an integral part of the innovative team, which in 1988 first offered Singaporeans fertility care and IVF technology. Center for Assisted Reproduction "CARE" on fertility before starting his private practice. As technology has improved over a 30-year career, Dr. Tseng has seen the benefits of a less invasive and effective treatment for infertility, helping to reduce stress and anxiety for patients. 

Thanks to active obstetric practice, Dr. Tseng helps women from conception to childbirth and beyond. After spending a year at St. George's Hospital in London, a center of excellence in urogynecology, Dr. Tseng also solves the clinical problems associated with pelvic floor and bladder dysfunction, as these disorders can have wider consequences for reproductive organs and quality. of life.