Ursula Bentin-Ley

Ursula Bentin-Ley
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Gynecologist, Starshiy vrach в Dansk Fertilitetsklinik
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Head of Clinic, Specialist in Gynecology, Ph.D. 
Email. ursula@danfert.dk 

I have been dealing with fertility treatment since 1991, when I was hired as a research assistant at the Fertility Clinic at Herlev County Hospital. In 1995, I defended my Ph.D. dissertation on the uterine mucosa. 

I received my specialist medical degree in gynecology and obstetrics at Rigshospitalet. Subsequently, I worked at the Fertility Clinics at Hvidovre Hospital and at Holbæk Hospital. Since December 2006 I have been working at the Danish Fertility Clinic. I primarily deal with patients who are referred by their own physician. 

Along with my clinical work, I continue to be research active and have been affiliated with the Department of Medical Anatomy at the University of Copenhagen. My focus is on the egg's ability to get stuck in the uterine mucosa, and how to optimize its possibilities. I can offer supplemental studies on the uterine lining through my close collaboration with leading research groups in Europe and the United States. 

In addition, I am also certified as a monitor of clinical trials conducted in accordance with GCP rules. The clinic participates in clinical trials of new drugs such as other clinical trials with me as the responsible manager. 

It is important to me to keep up to date with the latest treatment methods to help you in the best possible way. That is why I attend 3-4 courses and congresses every year, just as I teach other doctors, nurses and bioanalysts in my own area of ​​expertise.