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In all times people attempted to influence the gender of their future children. With the development of science sex selection ceased to be something that you can only dream about. Nowadays it has become possible within the framework of artificial insemination or ivf (in vitro fertilization). 

Baby gender selection is not necessarily a mere whim of a couple of people. Sometimes planning the sex of the unborn child is a prerequisite on which depends the health of this baby. A special study is carried out to identify chromosomal defects of the embryo and determine its sex in order to prevent hereditary diseases transmitted through the male or female line.

But how much does gender selection ivf cost? It may be different, as there are several gender selection methods: sperm sorting, Microsort, IVF with PGD – In Vitro Fertilization with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. It also depends on the country and the clinic where you undergo the procedure.

In American and European medical centers the cost of pgd gender selection is provided after a primary consultation. The sum depends on a number of factors including the number of embryos being tested as well as the 3rd party lab. The gender selection cost can be lower if a client addresses the medical facility directly without help of any agent. During the procedure, additional expenses that are not included in the package of services may arise. Depending on the medical center, gender selection will cost you from 250 to 4250 USD.

Cyprus IVF Centre

Стоимость процедуры: 6700 - 7800
Dunya IVF

Стоимость процедуры: 6500 - 8000

Стоимость процедуры: 5500 - 7600
Dr. Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center

UAE, Dubai

Стоимость процедуры: 4600
Jetanin Institute

Thailand, Bangkok

Стоимость процедуры: 4500
Vejthani Hospital

Thailand, Bangkok

Стоимость процедуры: 4500 - 20000
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